Religious Studies | Religion, Ethics & The Environment
R202 | 3728 | Graham

R202 Religion, Ethics & The Environment (3 Cr.) TR 11:15-12:30 WH 121
(section 3728) (Graham)*

*This class was to be taught by Professor Mongoven but she will now
be on a fellowship at Harvard 1999-2000.

This course investigates issues in environmental ethics by examining the
relationship between religious world view and human attitudes toward
nature.  This course considers Western religious traditions, select
non-Western religious traditions, and secular mythologies from popular
culture.  We ask how mythology, metaphor, and ritual shape human
interaction with nature.  Beginning "in the beginning" with the Genesis
story, we consider an ongoing debate between critics and defenders of the
Jewish and Christian traditions who claim, alternately, that those
traditions are environmental villains or environmental protectors.  We
proceed to evaluate critically non-Western religions and secular
mythologies as they impact environmental ethics.  We will conclude by
extensively considering eating as an ethical issue, drawing on all the
traditions addressed in the course.