Religious Studies | Afro-American Religious History to Reconstruction
R202 | 3729 | Dixie

R202 Afro-American Religious History to Reconstruction (3 Cr.) MW 9:30-
10:45 SY 103 (section 3729)(Dixie)

This course's main focus is to gain an appreciation for the ways in which
religion has been used as resistance to oppression. It begins with an
exploration of religions in West Africa prior to the
trans-Atlantic slave trade, and follows the slaves' adaptations of them in
the New World. We will also examine the role of Muslim slaves in the
formation of "slave religion" in the Americas, as well as the development
of new religions in slave communities (Voodoo, Santeria, Shango,
Candomble, etc.). Finally, we will study the impact of the conversion of
enslaved Africans to Christianity.