Religious Studies | Speaking of God
R280 | 3733 | Hart

R280 Speaking of God (3 Cr.) MW 11:15-12:30 BH 246 (section 3733)(Hart)

This is an introduction to the philosophy of religion.  We will read a
general text in which the major themes, e.g., the nature and existence of
God, the problem of evil, and the nature of religion will be explored.  We
will then read a Christian philosopher's statement (Robert Sokolowski, The
God of Faith and Reason) of the philosophical-theological meaning of
Christianity in terms of "The Christian Distinction."  Here God, as
determined by Christian Faith, is thought of in a unique, if puzzling,
juxtaposition to the world.  How this juxtaposition and distinction is
thought of enables an account of the distinctive center of most religions.