Religious Studies | Black Muslims in America (formerly titled "Nation of Islam")
R300 | 3734 | Dixie

R300 Black Muslims in America (3 Cr.) MW 1:00-2:15 GY 143 (section 3734)
(Formerly titled "Nation of Islam") (Dixie)

This course explores the impact of Islam on the African-American religious
experience.  We begin by exploring the Muslim presence in West Africa
prior to the trans-Atlantic slave trade and conclude with an examination
of contemporary expressions of Islam in black communities.  We shall pay
particular attention to Islamic practices among North American slaves, as
well as late nineteenth and early twentieth century Ahmadiyya appeals to
African Americans.  In addition, we will study indigenous expressions of
Islam such as the Moorish Science Temple of America, the Lost-Found Nation
of Islam, Dar-Islam, and the Five Percenters.  This course will end with
an examination of the influence of Islam on hip-hop culture.