Religious Studies | The Taoist Tradition
R369 | 3739 | Campany

R369 The Taoist Tradition (3 Cr.) MW 1:00-2:15 SE 140 (section 3739)
* Carries COAS Culture Studies Credit (Campany)

A lecture course introducing the major texts of the Taoist philosophical
tradition and the history and structure of the Taoist religion, China's
only indigenous higher religion.  Readings include primary and secondary
works.  This course attends to the full range of Taoist ideas and
practices, including revealed scriptures, social and communal structures,
meditative and other self- cultivational techniques (dietary, sexual,
alchemical, monastic practices), rituals and festivals.  Film and slide
materials form an integral part of the course.  Requirements include tests
and  short papers.