Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 3831 | Saulsbury

S100 Introduction to Sociology (3 CR)
3831 10:10-11:00 MWF     BH304

Sociology attempts to understand reality by centering on our
social life.  Typically it does not focus on individual
personality as the cause of behavior, but examines social
interaction, social patterns, and ongoing socialization.  In
this course we will begin by defining the field of
sociology-its focus, history, uses and limitations.  Next we
will focus on three big questions central to the discipline:
What are human beings?  What holds society together?  What are
the causes and consequences of social inequality?  To answer
these questions we will examine five major topics of
sociological study:  society (macrosociology), social
organization, institutions, face-to-face interaction
(microsociology) and social problems.  These five foci, like
the three questions, both divide and unite sociology.  On the
one hand, sociologists differ in which questions they are
driven to answer, and also in which of the five general topic
areas they concentrate on.  On the other hand, sociology is a
combination of all of these components, and together these
constitute the outline of the discipline.  The purpose of the
class is to introduce the central ideas that make up the
sociological perspective, and further come to understand it and
see its usefulness.  In doing so, class participants will see
the world differently, and see themselves differently.