Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 3834 | Musalia

S100 Introduction to Sociology  (3 CR)
3834 1:00-2:15 MW   BH228

Welcome to S100.  This course will introduce you to a broad
range of perspectives of how society is organized.  The course
content will emphasize an understanding of both theoreticaql
and substantive issues in understanding society.  To this end,
such broad topics as sociological theory, the socialization
process, race and ethnicity, sex and gender, the family, social
and global stratification, deviance, and social change will be
discussed.  A good part of this course will include a
cross-cultural approach in understanding how society operates.
With the world increasingly becoming a "Global Village" it
becomes important to see how other cultures operate, create
meanings and maintain order.  After all, it is by being exposed
to many perspectives that you come to know why people think and
act the way they do.