Sociology | Social Problems & Policies
S101 | 3583 | Jimerson

S101 Social Problems & Policies (3 CR)
Topic:  Sociology of Sport
3853 1:00-2:15  TR       JH A100

THE SOCIOLOGY OF SPORT will cover sport's causes, consequences,
and comportment.  Students will study sport as a microcosm of
society, and as a means of socialization.  Specifically, we
will learn how the media reflects and reinforces popular
stereotypes; analyze sports symbols, such as mascots and
nicknames; consider issues of excess, including violence,
gambling, drugs, and money.  Finally, we'll discuss inequality
in sport.

Sport mirrors society.  How we organize the games that we play
and watch, select participants and sponsors, how we treat
winners and losers, and enforce rules, reflects our worldviews.
Conversely, our values, class, race, gender, and politics
structure sport.  Moreover, sports often teach people,
especially children, how to interact with other humans.

Students must read required articles.  They must also join in
discussions and attend class.  If students fail to do the
assigned  reading, then I will handout pop quizzes!  There will
be at least one quiz and at most ten pop quizzes.  Pop quizzes
will be ten percent of the final grade.

Attendance will be taken by collecting 3x5 index cards at the
end of each class period.  Students must buy index cards, then
write their names, the date, and comments or questions after
each class.  No attendance will be taken during the first week
when many people are still adding and dropping classes.  No
excuses will be accepted, so do not bring any excuses.

Five exams will be given in this class, including a final exam.
Your worst exam score will be deleted, each exam equals 20% of
your final grade.  If you are satisfied with your first four
exams, you can skip the final.  If you miss one, the remaining
four will be averaged.

This course explores one of America's and the world's most
widespread social institutions.  Our goal in this course is to
improve our "Sociological Imagination," which C. Wright Mills
defined as an ability to understand how society works and how
society affects individuals.  In this class, we will study how
society influences sport and how sport in turn alters society.
After completing this course you should know more about society
as well as sports.  By semester's end, you will
be able to write about the relations between society and