Sociology | Social Problems & Policies
S101 | 3847 | Viterna

S101 Social Problems & Policies (3 CR)
Topic:  Rich & Poor: Inequality in Global Perspective
3847 2:30-3:45 MW   SE105

>From the sweatshops of Mexico to Macy's in New York City; from
ethnic violence in Eastern Europe to gang violence in East
L.A., inequality is a dominant feature of all modern societies.
In this class, we will first explore different TYPES of
inequality by using concrete case studies to illustrate key
issues (for example, gender inequality in Afghanistan, racial
inequality in the U.S., or class inequality in Central
America).  Next, we will discuss various CAUSES of inequality,
exploring theories of economic, political, cultural, and
biological causes.  In particular, we will look at how social
structures such as the educational system can contribute to or
reduce inequality.  Finally, we will tackle the big question-is
inequality a necessary part of social life?  How much
inequality is ne4cessary and how much is harmful for a society?
Students will be asked to read class materials as well as
current events articles, and will be required to participate in
daily class discussions.  Videos, readings, lectures, and class
discussions will be the primary teaching tools for this course;
evaluations will be based on test scores, homework scores, and
class participation.  Required text:  Global Inequality by
Bradshaw and Wallace, and a reading packet available at
Collegiate Copies (probably will be unavailable for purchase
until after classes have begun).