Sociology | Charts, Graphs & Tables
S110 | 3855 | Starks

S110 Charts, Graphs & Tables (3 CR)
3855 2:30-3:45  MW  BH304

This course will introduce you to the central concepts,
methods, and perspectives of sociology by developing your
skills as producers and, especially, as consumers of charts,
graphs, and tables.  Today, these data displays are found in
abundance in both research journals and the popular media.
Being able to compose and decompose these displays into their
constituent parts and being able to then connect these displays
with larger conceptual theories are skills that are becoming
ever more important in our information-rich society.  The
objective of this class will be to provide these important
skills within the context of sociological investigation.
Towards that end, we will learn to utilize various computer
applications that will allow us to investigate social topics of
interest.  Potential topics include: an investigation of the
Baby Boom and social demography; race and its consequences in
America; poverty, welfare, and underclass communities;
consequences of divorce for children and adults; and much more.

Note: This course fulfills a COAS Math and Cognition
requirement and also replaces S100 as the required introductory
course for sociology.