Sociology | Gender Roles
S338 | 3888 | Fallon

S338 Gender Roles
3888 9:30-10:45     MW   SE 140

What is gender?  There is not a simplistic answer to this
simplistic question.  Over the period of this course, however,
we will attempt to dissect this question.  Specifically, we
will examine the social construction of gender, which has
helped to form the lives of every individual.  We will begin by
examining the socialization process of girls and boys -
particularly as it relates to parenting, education, and the
media.  After building a general framework of the socialization
process, we will explore sociological and feminist theories
which we will apply to different social spheres of society.
Some substantive issues that we will address include language,
education, fraternities and sororities, sports, media, beauty,
violence, family, and economics.  The readings will be
presented from a number of different perspectives and will
include issues on race, ethnicity, and class, as well as
gender.  Although the primary focus of this course will be on
gender in the United States, cross-cultural examples will be
given throughout the course.