Sociology | Research Methods in Sociology
S370 | 3900 | Jackson

S370 Research Methods in Sociology (3 CR)
3900 1:00-2:15  TR       BH217

3901 9:05-9:55      W    BH108
3902 10:10-11:00    W    SE045
3903 11:15-12:05    W    SE045

This course aims to acquaint you with the sociological research
process, including research design, data collection, basic
analysis of data and interpretation of results.  You should
finish the course with sufficient knowledge about the ways in
which social research is done to allow you to critically
appraise the methods and conclusions of social research
studies, both those done by sociologists and those by
advertisers, governments and the writers of popular books on
social topics.

Major topics covered will be:
The scientific process
Experimental design
Nonexperimental designs, especially survey research
Measurement of variables

Prerequisite: a good working knowledge of high school algebra.

Requirements for the course include (1) attendance at class and
lab sessions; (2) working out and turning in problem sets and
practical exercises; and (3) taking two or three exams, plus a
comprehensive final examination.

Students will learn, in the Wednesday lab, the basics of a
computer program for statistical analysis (SPSS).