Sociology | Special Topics in Social Organization
S410 | 3904 | Moran

S410 Special Topics in Social Organization (3 CR)
Topic:  Social Roots of Health & Illness:
An Introduction to Social Epidemiology
3904 9:30-10:45  TR BH219

Social epidemiology explores the roles of human behavior and
social conditions in the promotion of health or disease.  Using
epidemiologic problem solving, and examples from disease
investigations, students will be introduced to concepts
applicable in public and mental health planning, interventions,
and prevention.  This course offers advanced discussion of
epidemiologic methods for the study of patterns of human
disease and behavioral factors in disease causation--- for any
student interested in health issues and/or  health careers.
There are no pre-registration requirements other than a junior
status or higher. Interested graduate students may enroll with
permission of the department's graduate advisor and the

Topics include: 1. An introduction to measures of health status
( and how do we use them). 2. The epidemiologic imagination--
an interdisciplinary look at human behavior and disease, 3.
Models of disease, 4. Rules of evidence for disease causation--
where do we start 5. Infectious diseases-- an ancient/current
scourge, 6.  The roles of individual  health behaviors and the
health-belief model 7. Chronic diseases, disability and
patterns of coping  8. Disease and working populations 9. Human
changes in the environment and disease  10. Race, gender, age,
and social inequalities in health status 11. Social Change and
health transitions 12:  Applying social epidemiology to health
promotion, tracking disease, and evaluating interventions.