Sociology | Teaching of Undergraduate Sociology
S504 | 3911 | Redding

S506:     Teaching of Undergraduate Sociology  (3 CR)

3911 3:35P - 5:30P       M    LH 019

Kent Redding

The basic goal of this course is to assist you in
becoming a good undergraduate sociology teacher.  More
specifically, the course aims to help you:  improve
your skill at various teaching activities (including
leading discussions, lecturing, and evaluating and
motivating students); be sensitive to a number of
sociological phenomena that appear in college
classrooms; to formulate a teaching style and
philosophy that you can expand and refine with
experience.  This course will also provide you (as a
new instructor) with a forum for sharing your
experiences with, and obtaining support from your

Course periods will be organized around mini-lectures,
group or guest presentations, and discussions of
readings and experiences relevant to the topic of the
day.  We will also leave time each class period to air
questions and problems that come up during the course
of your teaching that are not directly related to the
topic of the day.

For further information, point your web browser to  There you will
find information on teaching for the first time, the
S506 syllabus for Fall 1999, and links to various
teaching related resources.