Social Work | Human Behavior & Social Environment I: Individual Development & Functioning
S221 | 8594 | Malschick

Human Behavior & Social Environment I: Individual Development & Functioning.
This class is taught from 8-11 on Monday in BH217. This if the first of
three courses in the Human Behavior and Social Environment (HBSE) area.
HBSE assists the undergraduate Social Work student to build a knowledge base
about human behavior which forms a blueprint for Social Work practice.
There is focus on understanding the interaction between a person and her/his
environment.  Selected perspectives on human development, including
psychosexual, psychosocial, and cognitive developmental theory are
presented.  The course also studies inequality, discrimination, and
differential access to opportunities which exist in American society.  This
content on race, gender, age, class, and sexual orientation aids students to
develop an understanding of the impact which these conditions have on
individual functioning.