THTR T458 Sec. 4345 D. Reardon


1:00-2:15p TR 3 cr. hr.

Prerequisites: CMLT C190, ENG W301, THTR T453, or by permission of instructor.


The intent of this course is to assist the student in the creation of a marketable feature-length original narrative screenplay, defined quantitatively for our purposes as a manuscript ranging between 100 to 110 pages in length, using standard format and appropriate font size.

The primary teaching tools involve one-on-one conferences and the in-class structural analyses of about ten full-length films. Past cinematic models have included Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Thelma and Louise, Rain Man, The 400 Blows, and Raising Arizona.

The various prerequisites cited, any one of which will qualify you for this course, are designed to give enrollment priority to those students most likely to succeed in this course. Though no prior experience in screenwriting is required or expected, it must be emphasized that this can be a high-stress class. It requires self-initiative and discipline and an ability to meet deadlines. The entire grade is predicated upon attendance and successful fulfillment of the semester-long wriitng project.

Try to come to the first class with two or even three ideas you think might be workable.

Armer, Alan. Writing the Screenplay.
Goldman. Adventures in the Screen Trade.
Mamet. House of Games.
Truffaut. The 400 Blows.
ASSIGNMENT: One screenplay, 100-110 pages long.
EXAMS: None.
OTHER: Possible in-class or out-of-class structural analysis of one film.