THTR T543 Sec. 4357 D. McFadden

Studies in Directing 2/Topic: Non-Realism

10:30a-12:15p MWF 3 cr. hr.

Prerequisites: Consent of Instructor.

An introduction to rehearsal methods for selected "non-realistic" playwrights; also the creation, development, and rehearsal of a self-generated theatrical presentation that attempts to create a theatrical world beyond the logical, coherent world of a realistic play.

A high degree of self-motivation, self-awareness, and some knowledge of 20th century non-realistic drama are required.

None. A packet of readings is compiled and distributed.
PAPERS: 3 self-evaluation responses (4-6 pages each).
EXAM: Written Final Exam.
SCENES: 3 scenes will be presented requiring additional rehearsal outside of class.