THTR T573 Sec. 4359 R. Wainscott

Studies in Modern & Contemporary Theatre

Topic: Non-Realistic (Modernism and Post Modernism) from 1880's to 1990's

12:00p-1:15p MW 3 cr. hr.

This course examines non-realistic theatrical practice in the twentieth century. Plays are read as landmarks, touchstones, and subjects for staged interpretations, but the focus of the course is on developments in directing, design, interpretations of space and performance styles. Much attention is given to post-modernism on the stage and/or alternative performance spaces. We analyze much visual material. Please read include: Strindberg, A Dream Play (1902/1907); O'Neill, The Emperor Jones (1920); Cocteau, The Eiffel Tower Wedding Play (1921); Pirandello, Six Characters in Search of an Author (1922); Cocteau, The Infernal Machine (1934); Brecht, Galileo (1947); Beckett, Endgame (1957); Genet, The Balcony (1957); Kennedy, Funny House of a Negro (1964); Churchill, Cloud Nine (1979); Muller, Hamletmachine (1977-8/1982); Overmeyer, On the Verge (1985); Fornes, The Conduct of Life (1985); Overmeyer, In Perpetuity Throughout the Universe (1988); Churchill, Mad Forest (1990).

Brockett and Findlay: Century of Innovation
Worthen: Modern Drama: Plays, Criticism, Theory
Research Paper at Mid-term
In-class presentation
Final Paper based on Presentation
Take-home Final Exam