Anthropology | Genetic Methods in Anthropology
B525 | 0458 | Meier

Synopsis.  This course is designed to fulfill a requirement within the
bioanthropology graduate program pertaining to research methods.  As such,
it will cover the basic methodologies associated with research
investigations that relate genetics to bioanthropology.  Principal areas
include the theory and practice of, mendelian genetics, human/medical
genetics, molecular genetics, and human population genetics.  The
particular field within bioanthropology referred to as anthropological
genetics will be stressed.  This means that there will be an emphasis on
microevolutionary processes that serve to explain current and recent past
gene distributions and genetic structure of human populations.

This course is organized into both seminar discussions of assigned
readings and exercises, some of which will be carried out in the
laboratory.  The textbooks are available from the IMU Bookstore and the
readings placed on RESERVE can be found in the Geography Library in the
Student Building.  PLEASE be sure to do the readings prior to the class
meeting at which they will be discussed.  Once again, exercises should be
completed PRIOR to when they will be discussed.  Since many of them require
calculations, it is recommended that you have access to a hand calculator
or a statistics program on the computer.  You will be provided with all of
the supplies and instructions for carrying out the lab exercises.  There
will be a take home examination that will be discussed during the final
class meeting of the semester.

On a final note, the connection between anthropology and genetics is very
likely to become increasingly important, now that the plan to sample and
preserve human genetic material on a worldwide basis is in progress.  This
plan, called "The Human Genome Diversity Project", has received both
positive and negative reviews.  It is one aim of this course to provide
students with the background necessary to develop an informed opinion on
the matter.