Anthropology | Ethnographic Analysis of Family, Work and Power
E381 | 0465 | Clark

Ethnographic analysis is a set of practical and intellectual tools used
in many disciplines and professions.  Students will learn to identify and
debate the patterns of loyalty, authority and conflict established by
specific relations in familes and workplaces.  They can use these skills
to define and answer questions about the implications of economic and
social changes in the world at large, and in their own lives.  For
students interested in issues of changing family values, world development
and comparative economic systems, this course will show how social
processes can either stabilize such relations or produce rapid changes in
the balance of power within them.  It follows the themes of residence,
production, ownership and exchange through kin-based and industrial

You should have taken at least one anthropology class before this one.
Assignments will include three short interpretive pieces based on the
assigned texts, and three short research reports based on real-life
practice exercises.

This class fulfills the SHSI distribution requirement.  It can be taken
with or without Intensive Writing credit, given by registering also under
COAS W333.