Anthropology | The Arts in Anthropology
E660 | 0481 | Girshick

Instructor: Professor Paula Girshick

This course will provide an overview of anthropological approaches to
the arts, with emphasis on the visual arts. The first part of the course
will be historical in focus; that is, it will trace the sources of the
main models utilized for understanding the arts and explore the types of
questions that these models have generated. The second part of the
course will concentrate on a series of issues now current within the
anthropology of art such as: aesthetics, art, memory and identity,
commodification, colonialism and art, museums and representation, the
"traffic in culture." Which of these (or other) issues will be discussed
will be decided by mutual agreement.

Requirements: (1) a book report (in oral and written form) in
conjunction with one of the topics in Part II, (2) a substantial
paper geared to the student's research interests, and (3) attendance and