Anthropology | Lab Methods in Archaeology: Ceramic Analysis Vitelli
P506 | 0495 | Vitelli

2:30-4:45 pm Wed  701 E. 8th St (Archaeology Annex)
Text: Prudence Rice. Pottery Analysis: A Sourcebook.

Students will work with excavated assemblages of ceramics and their
contextual information, to explore the process of ceramic analysis:
how to develop appropriate questions,what to look for and record in the
potsherds and why, how to draw potsherds and record variables, i.e.,
taking the process from initial discovery through various kinds of
analyses, to publication.
Archaeological background and field experience are desirable,as is the
Experimental Pottery class, but these are not prerequisites. Students
should have a genuine interest in the subject, self motivation,
and the ability and desire to conduct original research as part of a team
of scholars.