Biology | Introductory Biology Lectures
L104 | 0565 | Welch

Course format: Lecture: 8:00A-8:50A, MWF, JH A100

Requirements: Familiarity with the World Wide Web will be helpful.

Course Description: Topic: The Science behind Environmental Issues. Join us
for discussions of the science behind today's environmental issues.  An
understanding of this science is important to wise ecological, political,
sociological, and economical decisions.  For instance, what is driving
global warming? How are scientists predicting the impacts of global
warming? What are those impacts?

Required text: Raven, Berg, and Johnson. 1998. Environment, second edition.

Weekly assignments: Five-question quiz administered via the World Wide Web.

Exams/papers: Three multiple choice exams and a comprehensive, multiple
choice final.