Biology | Introductory Biology Lectures
L104 | 0566 | Hudock

Course format: Three lectures (9:05A-9:55A, MWF, JH 239) during which
discussion will be encouraged, even expected.

Requirements:  Basic reading, writing, and quantitative skills will be
assumed.  Otherwise, enroll and be prepared to THINK and USE information
rather than memorization.

Course description: Topic: Evolutionary Biology. Evolution will be defined:
Evolution = Genetic Variation + Natural Selection + Contingency.  Roughly
1/4 of the semester will be devoted to each term in that equation. Students
will be expected to USE information and their own experience to evaluate
hypotheses and principles discussed.

Required text: Starr: "Basic Concepts in Biology", 1997 edition.

Weekly assignments: One chapter of text.

Exams/papers: No papers.  Three one-hour exams (lowest dropped) +
CUMULATIVE final.  Grading scale will be absolute, there will be NO CURVE.
A = 87.5-100%, B = 75.0-87.49%, C = 60-74.99%, D = 50-59.99%, F = below 50%.