Biology | Molecular Biology Laboratory
L323 | 0647-0648 | Surzycki

Course format: One lecture (50 minute) and two afternoon laboratories per
week (1:30P-5:30P, MW OR TR, JH 131).

Requirements:  Course in molecular biology or consent of instructor.

Course description: Theory and techniques used in molecular biology will be
presented. The following techniques will be emphasized:

- Genomic DNA purification and isolation
- Restriction enzyme analysis
- Southern blot analysis
- Preparation of cloning vectors and cloning DNA using electroporation
- Selection and assay of cloned and amplified fragments of "foreign" DNA
- Preparation of non-radioactive DNA probes and DNA hybridization
- Chemiluminescent detection of nucleic acids
- Preparation of random fragments sequencing libraries of human DNA
- DNA sequencing of human dsDNA clones
- Application of computers of DNA sequencing data analysis
- RFLP analysis
- Fingerprinting of human DNA (your own)
- PCR technology as applied to human genome analysis
- RAPD analysis of genomic DNA

Required text:  "Molecular Biology Laboratory" by Stefan Surzycki.

Weekly assignments: One chapter from the manual; viewing one VCR "tape of
the week."

Exams/papers: Three exams and three lab reports.