Biology | Biology of the Cell
L330 | 0649 | Ruesink

Course format: Lecture: 9:05A-9:55A, MWF, JH A106.  With only 50 students
in the class there is opportunity for discussion.

Requirements:  Students should have some college biology as background.
College chemistry is strongly recommended.

Course description: L330 considers the structure and function of plant,
animal, and microbial cells.  The characteristics of biologically important
molecules are explored, with special attention to DNA, RNA, protein story.
Cells of the following systems get special treatment: digestive, muscular,
neural, and immune.  Characteristics of cancer cells are included.

Required text: W.B. Becker, et al., "The World of the Cell", third edition.

Weekly assignments: Reading two chapters of text; problem set every other week.

Exams/papers: Three one-hour exams and a comprehensive final.

Usually the class is about 1/2 dietetics/nutrition majors; 1/3 prospective
high school biology teachers; 1/6 widely differing majors.