Biology | Environmental Biology
L350 | 0651 | Ruf

Course format: Lecture: 7:15P-8:30P, TR, JH A100.

Requirements:  Intended for non-majors only.

Course descriptions: Introduces students that may not have a science
background to the biological processes that are operating in the natural
world.  Emphasis on the ecology and evolution, especially of temperate and
tropical forest ecosystems.

Topics include: evolution and genetics; basic cell physiology and
biochemistry, primary production, tropic structure, and nutrient cycling;
population dynamics, relationships among organisms, succession; features of
temperate and tropical ecosystems, biodiversity.

Required text: "Elements of Ecology", by R.L. and T.M. Smith, Fourth edition.

Exams/papers: Four exams - 50% multiple choice, 50% short answer/essay.