Criminal Justice-coas | Techniques of Data Analysis
K300 | 1473 | Selke

The course addresses the topics of descriptive and inferential statistics as
they are used in the fields of criminal justice and criminology.  Specific
topics to be considered include univariate, multi-variate and bivariate
analyses, descriptive statistics, sampling and probability, hypothesis
testing, t-tests, Chi-square distributions, analysis of variance,
correlations, regression analyses, and time-series models.

Readings:	Schact, Stephen.  Social Statistics.  Boston: Allyn & Bacon,

Requirements:	There will be two exams for the course covering assigned
reading materials, as well as content discussed during class.  There will be
class projects using statistical software programs to carry out data
analysis on different sets of criminological data.  Homework assignments
will also be required.
Class Meeting:	Two 75-minute class meetings each week (MW, 2:30-3:45P, BH

Course Will Satisfy:	CJUS core requirement

Authorization Required - Call 855-9880

Instructor:	Professor William Selke, Criminal Justice Department