Criminal Justice-coas | Ethics & Criminal Justice
P300 | 1479 | Burke

This course will acquaint students with a multitude of personal and
professional ethical dilemmas encountered within the various facets of the
criminal justice system.  Moreover, it focuses on problem-solving strategies
and interpersonal skills and considerations relevant to criminal justice
practitioners.  Class will be divided into lecture and lab components.
Lectures will provide the theoretical foundations for examining a range of
topics including: ethical considerations in policing, law, the courts,
corrections, and criminal justice research and policy; conflict mediation;
interpersonal relations and issues of diversity.  The labs afford the
opportunity for open discussion and debate and hands-on exercises to ground
the theoretical issues and become familiar with and apply relevant

Readings:	Braswell, Michael c.; Belinda R. McCarthy; and Bernard J.
McCarthy. (1998) "Justice Crime and Ethics" (3rd Edition) Cincinnati:
Anderson Publishing Co.

		TIS Course Reader

Evaluation:	Research Essay	30%
		Debate Exercise	25%
		Interview/Confidentiality Exercise	25%
		Journal	20%

Class Meeting:	Two 75-minute seminars each week (TR, 2:30-3:45P, OP 111)

Instructor:	Professor Kathleen Burke, Criminal Justice Department