Criminal Justice-coas | Violence in the Black Community
P420 | 1491 | Oliver

This course examines the causes and consequences of interpersonal violence
among African Americans.  Major emphasis will be devoted to an analysis of
how various social factors (e.g., racial discrimination, female-headed
families, drug abuse and dysfunctional definition of masculinity) contribute
to violence in the African American community.

Required Readings:	Anderson, E. (1999).  Code of the Streets.  New
York: W.W. Norton.
			Jacobs, B. (1999).  Dealing Crack.  Boston:
Northeastern University Press.
				Oliver, W. (1998).  The Violent Social World
of Black Men. San
			Francisco: Jossey Bass Publishers.

Performance Evaluation:	Final grade will be based on the following criteria:
				1.  Position Paper - 50%
				2.  Written Assignments Related to Course
Readings - 50% 		
Class Meeting:	One 150-minute seminar each week (M, 2:30-5:00P, SY 004)

Course Will Satisfy:	CJUS major 400-level requirement

Instructor:	Professor William Oliver, Criminal Justice Department