Criminal Justice-coas | Proseminar: Criminal Justice II
P502 | 1501 | Schlegel

P502 is the second of several required courses for the Masters & Ph.D. in
Criminal Justice.  The course begins by addressing some basic but important
questions:  What is crime?  What do we mean by theory?  What is the
relationship between theory and research and policy?  How do we measure
things that make up our theories?  Our first three weeks of class will be
directed toward these questions.  This will be followed by an examination of
criminological theory, beginning with the classical school, moving forward
through the positivistic constitutional, psychological and sociological
theories, and (re)turning to more recent theories, such as routine
theories, which are once again rooted in classical school doctrines.

Readings: Nine books

Requirements:  Grades will be based upon three components:
1.  Five unannounced in-class writing assignments
2.  One take-home exam
3.  One final take home exam

Class Meeting: One 150-minute seminar each week (M, 5:45-8:15P, SY 212)

Enrollment is limited to Masters students in Criminal Justice

Authorization required

Course Will Satisfy:     CJUS Masters program core requirement

Instructor:    Professor Kip Schlegel, Criminal Justice Department