Criminal Justice-coas | Data Analysis in Criminal Justice I
P595 | 1502 | Verma

This is a course in applied data analysis for graduate students in Criminal
Justice at Indiana University.  The course is an introduction to probability
and statistics and will deal with various methods of data handling.  Topics
will include the basic concepts and measures in statistical analysis;
methods for describing sets of data, measures of central tendency and
dispersion; elementary probability theory and conditional probability;
concepts of statistical inference and decision; estimation, hypothesis
testing and analysis of bivariate relationships.  Special topics discussed
will include regression and correlation, analysis of variance,
non-parametric statistics, and multivariate models.  The course will
incorporate occasional use of set theory, calculus and matrix algebra.

The objectives of this course will be to acquaint the student with
statistical reasoning, to understand techniques that are useful in analyzing
criminal justice data and to comprehend  quantitative research in this

Class Meeting:	One 150-minute lecture (T, 5:45 - 8:15P, BH 108)

Enrollment in this section is limited to graduate students

Instructor:	Professor Arvind Verma, Criminal