Classical Studies | Art and Archaeology of Greece
C413 | 0981 | Klein

Meets 9:30A-10:45A MW FA 010

C413 Art and Archaeology of Greece presents a survey of the
art and
archaeology of ancient Greece from the Iron Age to the end
of the
Hellenistic Period, ca. 1100-31 B.C. Topics to be considered
include: the
Dark Ages and the rise of the city-state in the 8th century
B.C.; Greek
settlements and colonies in Asia Minor, Sicily, and Southern
sanctuaries, temples, and the beginnings of monumental
architecture and
sculpture; vase painting and iconography; the temple of Zeus
at Olympia;
the Parthenon and Classical Athens; Alexander the Great and
Hellenistic World; "Masterpieces" of Greek art and the
problem of Roman
copies; current archaeological research in Greece.

Prerequisites: C/A 206 Classical Art and Archaeology or one
course (200 level or higher) in ancient art or archaeology.

This course will be of interest especially to students in,

Classical Studies
History of Art
Ceramics & other Studio Arts
European studies