Classical Studies | Readings in Latin Historians (4CR)
L510 | 1009 | Leach

Meets with L424, Tuesday/Thursday 2:30-3:45
Ballantine 016

Omnia Romae venalia...   “ At Rome everything is available
for a price.” That, according
to the historian Sallust, is the advice that encourages the
Numidian ruler Jugurtha in his
unscrupulous drive for power. Seeking the origins of moral
degeneracy  at Rome, Sallust tells a
colorful story of international intrigue,  corruption and
treachery in his Bellum Jugurthinum, the
text that will be the centerpiece of this reading course.
Sallust is NOT a “Silver Age Historian”,
but late Republican and deeply involved in events that
happened just before and during his own
time. As well as portions of the BJ, we will also read some
speeches from his fragmentary
Histories and parts of  his Catilinarian Conspiracy.

Because the enrollment will probably include both
undergraduate and graduate students,
assignments will be differentiated according to experience,
however, the aim for both groups will
be to increase reading ability with comprehension. There
will be some in-class translation and
some comprehension reading. Written work for all students
will include a midsemester and a
final. Undergraduates will write three short papers.
Graduate students will write two papers,
present reports on secondary reading, and undertake some
manner of research topic.