Classical Studies | Survey of Latin Literature 2 (4CR)
L537 | 1010 | Leach

This course meets Monday and Wednesday from 4:00P-5:15P in
WH 108

This course continues the reading program begun in L536. It
will take up where
L536 broke off, either with Ovid's Ars Amatoria or
Metamorphoses and proceed
through the Neronian, Flavian and Trajanic periods.The aim,
as in Semester I
is to present as broad and as full a picture as time allows
of Latin literary
history within its cultural context. All major, and some
minor authors will be

Selections in Latin will be assigned for discussion in each
class. These will
be short, but extensive supplementary reading in translation
will also be
assigned as well as extensive reading assignments in
secondary literature.

Papers: During semester ii, the papers will be tri-weekly.


The Roman Empire, Colin Wells, Stanford 1984.

The Roman Empire: Economy Society and Culture Peter Garnsey
and Richard
Saller, Berkeley 1987

TRANSLATIONS: (partial list)


Betty Radice, trans. Letters of the Younger Pliny

J. P. Sullivan, trans. Petronius: The Satyricon; Seneca: The

Harold Isbell, trans. Ovidís Heroides

Oxford World Classics:

Susanna Braund, Lucanís Civil War

A.W. Melville, Ovidís Metamorphoses
A.W. Melville, Statiusí Thebiad