Comparative Literature | Topic: Folly
C146 | 1159-1168 | --

Prof. Mikita Brottman, Supervisor
*Satisfies COAS Requirements for AHLA*
*Co-requisite-eng W143*

"God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise" (I.Cor)
This course surveys the history of folly and nonsense in literature, from
its origins in ancient and classical texts to contemporary manifestations
in the twentieth century literature of the absurd. The course will involve
a study of texts that play with riddles, nonsense, foolishness, clowning,
masquerade, and all manifestations of the ludic. We will look for sense in
nonsense, for subtle traces of reason in apparent irrationality.

This is an intensive introductory writing course that approaches
literature through a comparative study of literary
themes in texts from different eras, cultural traditions and literary
genres. This course is open to all undergraduates and  fulfills the COAS,
School of Business and some School of Education requirements when taken in
conjunction with W143.
Requirements: Four papers, a mid-term and a final.