Comparative Literature | Classics of World Literature
C219 | 1175 | --

Lynne Dahmen	12:20-1:10    MWF	SE 010
*Carries AHLA Credit*

The goal of this class is to provide exposure to one of the most enduring
genres/modes of literature, the romance.  Cultures around the world have
created masterpieces that explore 'love' and its relationship to larger
societal concerns.  The bulk of the reading for this course is composed of
pre-Renaissance and Renaissance texts still read today in both Western and
non-Western cultures. We will start with  texts from East Asia and the
Middle East, including _The Tale of Genjii_  (Japan), _Leila and
Majnun_(India and Arab cultures), and excerpts from  _1001 Nights_(Persia
and Arab cultures). Works from European traditions  will include _Tristan
and Iseut_(Western Europe), Chaucer's "The Knight's Tale"(England), and
_La Celestina_ by de Rojas (Spain).  The class will require several short
assignments (1-2 pages in length), 2 papers(3-4 pages) as well as a final
project that will be comparative in nature.