Comparative Literature | Literature and the Other Arts, 1870-1950
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Prof. M. Brottman	11:15-12:30   TR 	BH 148
*Satisfies COAS Requirements for AHLA*
*Carries Cultural Studies Credit*
*Requires registration in COAS W333*

This course will explore the interrelationship between literature, poetry,
art, narrative and film in the latter part of the nineteenth century, and
the earlier part of the twentieth. In chronological fashion, the course
will examine the development of Impressionism and Symbolism, the influence
of film on contemporary culture, and the expressionist and constructivist
tendencies in narrative and art in the mid-century.  Discussion will focus
on the interaction of the arts and their influences,

particularly the hybrid forms they have produced.  Among other texts, we
shall study fiction by Woolf, Mansfield, Joyce, Maupassant, Chekov, and
Kafka; poetry by Eliot, Pound, Cummings and Yeats; art by Monet, Cezanne,
Picasso and Kandinsky; and films by Eisenstein, Griffith, Capellani,
Gelabert and Calmettes.

There are no prerequisites, but the course assumes genuine interest in
studying literature, painting and music.