Comparative Literature | Studies in Non Western Film
C291 | 1178 | --

Prof. Y. Zhang	1:00-2:15   TR 	SY 005
			Screenings Tuesday 7:00-10:00
*Carries Cultural Studies and AHLA Credit*

This course investigates images of the city in Chinese cinema from both
critical and historical perspectives.  It covers three geopolitical
regions in Chinese film production--mainland China, Hong Kong, and
Taiwan--from 1922 up to 1997.  Weekly topics include the cinema of
attractions; urban corruption and destruction; metropolitan culture;
politicization and masculinization; cynicism, parody, and tactics of
everyday life; primitive passions and the global market; urban enigma and
the crisis of male subjectivity; violence, nostalgia, and fantasy; the
diaspora and postmodernity; the female vision of
the city; spectacle of transnational action; and the global city.
Requirements:  For C291 & E333
10%     attendance & active participation in class
10%     1 team project (outline and presentation)
10%     mid-term exam
20%     4 journals (1 double-space page each)
20%     1 term paper (4 double-space pages)
30%     final exam