Comparative Literature | 20th Century: Tradition and Change
C337 | 1183 | --

*Carries Cultural Studies and AHLA Credit*
The course will survey, from the point of view of the conflict between
tradition and innovation, some of the major developments of Western
literature in our century.  The main historical focus will be on problems
of literary modernism, to be presented within the context of such
movements as late realism/naturalism, symbolism, futurism, expressionism,
dadaism, surrealism, the "theater of the absurd,"the "noveau roman," and
various recent trends that are covered by such labels as "magical realism"
and postmodernism.  Among the readings will be works by James Joyce, Franz
Kafka, Marcel Proust, Albert Camus, Samuel Beckett, Robert Coover, J.M.
Coetzee, and others.