Comparative Literature | Women in World Literature
C340 | 1184 | --

Topic: Women Authors in Medieval Europe
Prof. Rosemarie McGerr   1:00-2:15     MW 	BH 015	
*Carries Cultural Studies and AHLA Credit*

This course explores the rich tradition of texts authored by women during
the Middle Ages in Europe.  We will examine a selection of these texts and
address such issues as the position of women vis-a-vis literary, civic,
and theological authority; the relationship of literacy and authorship;
and the treatment of gender within individual texts.  Our primary readings
will come from the ninth through fifteenth centuries and from France,
Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and England.  These include
secular and spiritual texts from a wide range of genres:  lyrics, plays,
letters, vision accounts, narrative fictions, and autobiographies.  The
list of authors includes  "saints" and "heretics," members of royal courts
and members of the merchant class, mothers and nuns.


Students will take one hour test, write one analytical essay (5-7 pages)
on a topic relating to our primary texts, and take a final exam.