Comparative Literature | Arabic Ode in Comparative Context
C603 | 1197 | Stetkevych

Prof. Stetkevych       TR       4:00-5:15      BH 217
This course will explore the Arabic ode and its transformations.
Texts to be discussed will include the oral poetry of the pre-Islamic
warrior aristocracy; praise poems to the Prophet Muhammad; the Islamic
victory ode; the mystical ode of spiritual yearning; and finally the
modern free-verse poem of the postcolonial period.  The poems will be
discussed within comparative contexts that range from Gilgamesh and the
Iliad, through Shakespeare and Dryden, to Walt Whitman and T.S. Eliot.
Critical readings will approach the ode from a variety of disciplines;
Ancient Near East, Anthropology, Religious Studies, Classics, Cultural
Studies and Comparative Literature.

Requirements and grading: Grades will be based on attendance and
participation (40%), midterm essay (5-6 pages for undergraduates, 7-8
pages for graduates) (20%), and final essay (8-10 pages for
undergraduates, 12-15 pages for graduates) (40%).  Graduate required
readings are more extensive than undergraduate.