East Asian Languages & Cultures | Cantonese I
C411 | 1561 | Yan

P: grade of C or better in EALC C202 or consent of instructor

This course is an introduction to Cantonese Chinese. Emphasis will be laid
on the spoken language. Only characters that are pertinent to colloquial
Cantonese will be introduced.  The goal of this course is to provide
students with: (1) fundamental skills to acquire the phonology, grammatical
structures and idiomatic expressions of Cantonese, (2) fundamental skills
to apply Cantonese in appropriate Chinese social/cultural context, and (3)
the basic knowledge of Chinese culture-oriented verbal and non-verbal
behaviors.  Students are expected to perform interactive conversations in
the class. For each lesson, there will be oral exercise, written
assignments, and one quiz.  Grades will be based on daily performance,
homework assignments, quizzes and three oral/written tests.

Textbooks: (1) Everday Cantonese, by Chik Hon Man; (2)  The Right Word in
Cantonese, by Kwan Choi Wah.