East Asian Languages & Cultures | Readings in Modern Chinese Literature
C431 | 1562 | Liu

Topic: Chinese Writing and Rhetoric

This course is designed for advanced students of Chinese to develop the
facility to speak and write effectively for both formal and informal
exchanges through extensive readings and analysis of modern social,
political, as well as literary texts.  It fosters the understanding of how
Chinese frame discourse to appeal to the reader and audience in various
contexts as well as the development of the ability to present
ideas with precise diction, in appropriate registers, and in extended

Class activity will mainly consist of discussions of issues that concern
modern Chinese intellectuals, presentations of materials prepared by
students, and the examination of appropriate expressions.  Writing
assignments range from specialized correspondences, focused essays,
creative writings, to research papers or projects.  All assignments will be
as authentic as possible, which means that students will actually send
their letters to an agency or submit their papers for publication.  In
addition to student-centered class discussions and authentic assignments,
an individualized take-home midterm will be given.  Thus, students will be
able to work on the areas most necessary for improving their skills, and
most relevant to their own interests.

Readings include:
1) Su Xiaokang and Wang Luxiang.  He Shang.  Hong Kong: Joint Publishing,
2) a course pack of works from renowned contemporary writers such as Zhu
Ziqing, Bai Xianyong, Chen Ruoxi, Wang Wenxing, Huang Chunming, Zhang
Xianliang, A Cheng, etc.

Note: Permission of instructor required for enrollment.  Interested
students should contact the instructor (855-5180, Goodbody 221) to obtain
further information and discuss their needs/interests.