East Asian Languages & Cultures | Seminar in Traditional Chinese Literature
C651 | 1565 | Bokenkamp

P: successful completion of EALC C361, C362, and C511.  Exceptions will not
be granted without the consent of the instructor.

Topic: Views of Qingcheng Shan

This course will present various methodologies for research into and
analysis of literary texts.  The poetic and prose texts chosen for this
term all concern Mount Qingcheng, a religious center in modern Sichuan
Province, and date from the Latter Han to the Song period.  These texts
have been selected to provide examples of as many genres of literature as
possible.  No previous knowledge of, or indeed special interest in, Chinese
religion is required.  Students will be expected to complete brief research
assignments and reports and to prepare a final research paper related to
one or more of the readings presented.

Course Reader, available at Collegiate Copies.