East Asian Languages & Cultures | Chinese Language & Culture
E301 | 1520 | Yan

This course is designed to present students, with or without a background
in Chinese language, an opportunity to learn the interaction of Chinese
verbal and nonverbal behaviors in general. This course not only exposes
students to the unique characteristics of the Chinese language (both
written and spoken), but also illustrates how the Chinese language
structure influences the speakers' thought patterns and social behaviors,
and how the ideological, cultural, and social patterns are reflected in
Chinese oral expressions. It will also show how the roles of lineage
organization, religious groups, economic group, and linguistic group play
in the integration of the Chinese society.

Exams: one midterm and one final exam. Assignments: three short essays.

Textbooks: (1) Chinese Etiquette and Ethics in Business, by Boye De Mente;
(2) China's Peasants: The Anthropology of a Revolution, by Sulamith Heins
Potter and Jack M. Potter; (3) Revolution Postponed: Women in Contemporary
China, by Margery Wolf and (3) Supplementary materials--course packet, by
Margaret M. Yan