East Asian Languages & Cultures | Exile in Japanese Literature
E351 | 1530 | Sarra

Exiled heroines as well as heroes figure largely in the literature of
traditional Japan.  In this course we will explore a number of the tales
and memoirs concerning men and women who wandered off to the provinces (or
even farther) under conditions of public disgrace, self-imposed atonement
for a crime, or as a means of spiritual seeking of some other kind.  Our
discussions will be guided by an interest in how the theme of exile
provides a space for questions about the interaction of personal or
fictional writings in traditional Japan with more public, historical issues
of politics and religion.

Texts read will include "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter," The Tale of Genji
(excerpts), Confessions of
Lady Nijo, The Tale of the Heike (excerpts), and a packet available from
Collegiate Copies.  No prior knowledge of Japanese or Japanese literature
is required.  Course fulfills literature and/or culture requirements for
undergraduate majors in EALL/Japanese and EAST.