East Asian Languages & Cultures | Screening Asians and Asian Americans
E351 | 1531 | Zhang

This course examines cultural and political dimensions of Western screen
images of Asians and Asian Americans from two distinct perspectives: (1)
Hollywood's dominant fiction and (2) filmic intervention by Asian American
directors. We shall cover a long span of historical periods and a wide
variety of issues,
ranging from politics of race and ethnicity, missionary discourse,
orientalism and sexual fantasy, imperialism and humanism, war and memory,
cultural exoticism, to gender performance, myths of ethnic authenticity,
multiculturalist discourse, Asian American identity and filmmaking, and
transnational image-making.  Students are encouraged to bring their
experience to bear on current debates and to become more critical and
self-conscious of the politics of representation and self-representation.

Marchetti, Gina.  Romance and the "Yellow Peril": Race, Sex, and Discursive
Strategies in Hollywood Fiction.  Berkeley: University of California Press,
Friedman, Lester D., ed.  Unspeakable Images: Ethnicity and the American
Cinema.  Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1991.
A Course Pack containing required readings.

Requirements (E351 & CMCL C398):
10%	attendance & active participation in class		
10%	1 team project (outline and presentation)	
10%	mid-term exam				
20%	4 journals (1 double-space page each)		
20%	1 term paper (4 double-space pages)
30%	final exam