East Asian Languages & Cultures | Fourth-Year Japanese II, undergraduates
J402 | 1602 | Alvis

P: grade of C or better in J401 or equivalent proficiency

J402 is designed to develop students' reading, speaking, and writing skills
through the study of contemporary (post-1960s) Japanese literature.  We
will read short stories, plays, and essays by a number of well-known
Japanese authors, including Abe Kobo, Murakami Haruki, Yoshimoto Banana,
and Kurahashi Yumiko.  Althought questions of grammar and vocabulary will
be addressed when necessary, emphasis will be on developing reading skills
(skimming ability/comprehension), and the capacity to discuss content both
orally and in written worm.  J402 will be conducted entirely in Japanese.

Course requirements include: approximately 15 pates of reading per week,
frequent homework assignments, in-class discussions (to be conducted in
Japanese), a midterm, and a final oral presentation (to be presented during
the final exam period).