Economics | Intro to Macroeconomics
E202 | 1650 | Prof. Olson

Economics ,  Introduction to Macroeconomics
E202 ,  1650 & 1651 ,  Olson

Prerequisites: E201

General description of the course

This course is designed to make you fluent in the language of
macroeconomics.  Since each of us is free to make economic decisions,
it is important to understand how the behavior of the overall economy
affects us as individuals.  The performance of the macro economy is in
the daily news and dominates the discussions in national political
elections, financial markets, corporate boardrooms, and even local
barrooms.  The fundamental issues of the economy as a
whole--inflation, unemployment, output growth, and the relationship of
the US economy to the rest of the world--are topics that every
educated person should understand.  Lectures are supplemented by
voluntary attendance at Collaborative Learning sessions.  Homework
sets (also voluntary) are given out each week.  Grades are determined
by three hourly exams and a final exam ( sorry, these are not
voluntary).  The instructor, who is also the Academic Advisor in
Economics, encourages active participation in class and enjoys working
with students one-on-one in office hours.